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Lauren Caruso  
Site Director @ StyleCaster   

1. When did you become interested in fashion and why?

I didn't exactly set out to have a career in beauty—or in editorial at all, really. I originally went to school to be a doctor. I was incredibly interested in oncology, but wasn't really grasping the math as well as I needed to be. I'd had this side-hustle of writing other people's college essays and papers since high school (sorry, ma!) and I loved reading/writing, so I dropped my major and picked up journalism. After working at a few newspapers, a coincidental internship at StyleCaster (which is where I'm currently the site director) propelled me into the fashion world. I didn't even realize fashion writing could be a career until I moved to NYC in 2011. I've oscillated between fashion and beauty every since.

2. Did the passion for writing start even before your love for style?

Totally — I think the two go hand in hand though. You have to shift creative gears to quickly to write about styling tricks, put together photo shoots, and keep yourself ahead of the trend game. I also find it super recharging to get dressed in the morning; my entire wardrobe is a neutral palette, which means that just about everything can be mixed and matched. Some may write it off as superficial, but building your outfit in the morning is a fun puzzle that feels empowering. It's almost like deciding who you're going to be that day—and anyone that says they feel the same whether they wear a minidress and heels or trousers with all-white sneakers is a liar.

Four Models wearing Petite Studio's Whitney V-neck Dress have their different stylesStyling Tip: Whitney V-Neck Dress

3. What's your responsibility at StyleCaster and what's a typical in your life like?

I came on board in May as the beauty director, but was promoted to site director in late August. Now I oversee content ideation and execution across all verticals, so no two days are the same. Sometimes I'm working closely with the sales team to deliver on a solid campaign, other times I spend an entire day editing a feature or producing a photoshoot—I also spend a lot of time consulting our analytics team on article performance and brainstorming new social strategies to appease whatever the newest Facebook API is. I'm also writing about one or two things a day between the chaos. It's so rewarding and never stagnant.

4. How was your experience at Allure & refinery 29?

I spent just under three years at R29, which was basically going through digital bootcamp with co-workers that became family. It's such an inspiring team and everyone's working toward the same goal of innovation, so it was definitely tough to leave. I was at Allure for two years as the senior digital editor—I got to work with Linda Wells for just over a year before her departure. She's an amazing editor, truly professional, and so, so funny. If you haven't read any of her recent stuff on The Cut, you're sorely missing out!

LAUREN CARUSO wearing Petite Studio's Whitney V-neck Dress in style

5. How about your enthusiasm for social media? How did you decide to start sharing your personal style?

I wasn't always as into Instagram as I am now. It all sort of started when my friend Alyssa (my former R29 intern-turned-BFF) and I went to Paris and London in December 2014. My wardrobe was already filled with neutrals, and my style was super minimalist, so I began translating it to my Instagram. It just sort of grew from there, and now I've met so many amazing people (including my boyfriend DIllon) and discovered so many fantastic brands through Instagram.

Lauren Caruso's wardrobe is filled with neutral clothing for petite girls

6. What are your styling tips for/as a petite girl?

Play up what you've got, and don't be afraid of volume! My go-to silhouette in the fall and winter are huge chunky sweaters and wide-leg pants. I don't think the point of clothing is to make yourself look smaller or thinner, but make you feel more like you. My cold-weather uniform is a chunky cropped turtleneck and high-waisted flowy trousers with a pair of sneakers. I'm also huge on turtlenecks under dresses, which I think looks great on every silhouette. Most crop tops fit me like normal tops, so I stock up on those.

Models wearing Petite Studio's sweaters and high-waist / wide-leg pants | Styling tips for petite girlsStyling Tips: Nomad Long SweaterChelsea Wide Leg Pants,  Moma Asymmetric SweaterHighline Above Ankle PantsClinton Dual Color Sweater

7. What are the forever pieces that you invest in?

I have so, so many coats (but it's never enough). Investing in good outerwear can make even the crappiest outfit look expensive. Additionally, most of my wardrobe is basics which means it's hard not to make each one count, so I love to shop at mid-level brands like Everlane, AYR, Cienne, and Reformation for high-quality basics that won't cost half my paycheck.

Petite Studio's Outwear - Montauk Camel Coat and Perry Cherry Trench Coat

Styling Tips: Montauk Camel Coat, Perry Cherry Trench Coat 

8. How does New York affect your personal style?

It's almost impossible to be overdressed in NYC, and inspiration is everywhere. There are only so many places you can wear a black-tie gown and sneakers and feel like you fit in. New York City is one of those places.

9. As a beauty editor, what's your makeup routine?

I don't wear much makeup but my skin-care routine is majorly high-maintenance. I use a potent vitamin C serum, two moisturizers, sunscreen, and a face mist every morning. At night, it's micellar water to take off the day, then a face and hair mask, then a dose of retinol to stave off aging. I'm not 30 yet, but i'm pretty close.

10. What would you say to people who want to do what you do?

Be prepared to work hard and be plugged in all the time. Luckily my boyfriend and best friend are both in the publishing/social media world, so there are times when hanging out means working while in each other's company, which works for all of us. And always, always, always read new things—books, articles, essays, whatever. To be a good writer and editor, you must always read.

Lauren wears Petite Studio's Whitney V-neck dress.  Follow Lauren on Instagram.

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