Petite Studio was founded in 2016 by Jenny Wang-Howell. Petite Studio is the only trendy, online petite shop creating fashionable petite clothing for women: from petite dresses and sweaters to petite pants and blouses. To shop our newest limited-run collections for petites, see our New Arrivals, or shop our iconic Best Sellers.

"I founded Petite Studio to be the first real petite shop offering trendy, stylish petite clothing for women. As an immigrant to the United States from my home in Zhejiang China, I didn't have a lot of resources or formal education in the fashion industry. But I knew that the lack of stylish petite clothing in the market was a problem. I wanted to offer luxury fabrics and special designs, and do it in the heart of the fashion world in New York City. In 2015 I set out to build the brand that I always wanted as a wannabe 5’2" fashionista." 
Petite Studio's founder and CEO, Jenny Wang-Howell
"It took a lot of effort, but in 2016 I convinced my husband Matt to leave his 10-year career in finance on Wall Street to support my vision. He would handle the business side while I led the creative. A lot people thought the combo of a Chinese-American woman and an American guy could never make a successful Indie clothing brand, but we both had faith. We put together a small design team of real petites, rented a SOHO showroom, and took the plunge."
Petite Studio founder Jenny Wang-Howell and husband Matthew Howell
Petite Studio's design team

Six years later, Petite Studio is one of the fastest growing Indie brands in the market creating short-run, curated collections of stylish and fashionable petite clothing. 

Petite Studio's NYC showroom

Is Petite Studio Legit? 

Petite Studio is consistently ranked as top sustainable indie brand for petite women by top fashion insiders including CNN Underscored, Who What WearHarpers Bazaar, Byrdie and The Good Trade. We design all of our collections in house in our design headquarters in New York City. All of our collections are fitted on real petites to give you the best fit anywhere. Our cozy design team is led by our founder Jenny-Wang Howell and consists of a team of fabulous design professionals from top NYC fashion schools with a passion for serving petites. To hear more about our story, see this recent interview with our founders.  Or see our Press Page Here.
Petite Studio's Summer 2022 dresses

Is Petite Studio's Quality Good? 

We are not a fast fashion brand; instead we make small-run curated collections with luxury fabrics and unique designs. Our fabrics are sourced from the same fabric mills as top high-end luxury brands. Our sourcing team hand selects the best luxury fabrics globally, such as thick wool for warm winter coats and premium cotton and silk for light spring and summer pieces. To learn more about our design principles, see our Slow Fashion page.
Behind the scenes at Petite Studio's factory

Where is Petite Studio located? 

Our headquarters is in the heart of the fashion world in New York City. Our Design Studio and in-store shopping have been located here since our founding.  Our design team finds inspiration in every corner of the city – everything from street style in SOHO to art exhibits and street corners.
Petite Studio's NYC showroom

Is Petite Studio Ethical? 

To us, Slow Fashion means having ethically sourced, sustainable pieces with care for every individual in our supply chain. Our exclusive factory is located in our founder Jenny Wang-Howell's hometown of Jiangshan, China, and we have full time people on the ground managing our factory closely. Employees are local from Jiangshan and go home to their families every day, work 40 hour work weeks with benefits, and also enjoy lunch breaks and even nap breaks every day (seriously!).  Most have been working at the factory for more than 10 years and value the long-term career stability. To learn more about our factory, see our Factory Page.  
Petite Studio's factory