About Our Factory

Everyone knows that our design team is based in NYC, but there are some very important members of the Petite Studio team that are located in China, in a town that's near and dear to our hears. This blog is all about our factory. To learn more about our sustainability in fashion efforts, see our Slow Fashion page. To shop our new collections, see our New Arrivals page. 
In a world of fast fashion,  we’re slowing down and focusing on the details


Everyone knows that our design team is based in NYC, but some very important members of the Petite Studio family are located in China, in a town that’s near and dear to our hearts.  n2

Petite Studio's Factory Transparency

Our exclusive factory is located in our founder Jenny’s hometown in Jiangshan, China. Employees are local from Jiangshan and go home to their families every day. Most have been working at the factory for more than 10 years and value long-term career stability. Adding to the connection is that the factory is owned by Jenny’s family-friend of many decades. So, for us, 
it really is a family affair

Our Focus on Quality and Sustainability

Because we have our exclusive factory we are able to dictate the terms, set the standards and control the quality from start to finish for each and every piece of clothing we produce. 

It takes around 20 hours on average to produce a single Petite Studio garment. Unlike fast fashion, where an assembly line of dozens of workers works on a single garment, fewer people are touching each piece, which leads to a higher attention to detail and quality. French construction techniques and an obsession with detail mean that Petite Studio pieces will outlast their cheaper counterparts.

Petite Studio Factory Video

Rather than sourcing factories far and wide all over the world, for the lowest possible price, we have chosen to invest in this community and its people, ensuring that their well-being is never below our standards.



Caring for People - Throughout the Production Chain

Employees at our factory are provided with benefits that include health insurance, vacation time, 40-hour work weeks, hour-long lunch breaks, and a mandatory 30-minute midday nap. (yes, really!)


We hope that the joy of these people and the care with which these pieces were designed and created