The art world has always been a source of inspiration for fashion trends.  At its best, art can challenge the observer to think critically and question their assumptions about life.  For example, Vincent Van Gogh’s masterpiece ‘Starry Night’ challenges the viewer to look closer and appreciate the beauty of the natural world, while Michaelangelo’s ‘Pieta’ beautifully captures the sorrow of Jesus’ mother having seen her son put to death.  Likewise, fashion empowers each of us to convey visual hints about who we are and what we stand for.  The chemistry between fashion and art can be electric, and we recently took to the Chelsea art scene in NYC in seek of inspiration for our upcoming launch pieces.   


Thank You, Fog by Spencer Finch.  James Cohen Gallery

Artist Spencer Fitch has spent his career exploring the small moments of life and the subtle beauty that nature has to offer.  This exhibit challenges us as New Yorkers to slow down and experience life’s small moments, rather than simply rushing on to our next appointment.  Alyssa is wearing our Buvette Pearl Blouse and Crop Flare Pearl Pants amidst the backdrop of ‘Thank You, Fog,’ which encompasses glass panes of various translucencies and sizes to re-create the experience of looking through a settled cloud. 

James Cohen Gallery | Alyssa wearing Petite Stuido's Buvette Pearl Blouse and Crop Flare Pearl Pants

James Cohen Gallery | Petite Studio Buvette Pearl Blouse and Crop Flare Pearl Pants


Pieced Quilts, Wrapped Forms by Sara VanDerBeek.  Metro Pictures Gallery

In Sara VanDerBeek’s newest work, she explores the historically limited career paths of women by piecing together fragments of quilting, textiles, weaving and ceramics.  The rich hues of purple and pink are placed alongside angular plaster sculptures that cast long shadows and reflections on the concrete floor.   We modeled our Perry Cherry Trench and Evergreen Bomber as our girls maneuvered their way through. 

Metro Pictures Gallery | Petite Studio Perry Cherry Trench Coat and Evergreen Bomber Jacket


Selected Works by Hans-Peter Feldmann.  303 Gallery

This modern take on the classic art museum will leave you deep in thought one moment and hysterically laughing the next.  Feldmann is a master in traditional art techniques, but showcases his silly side by placing clown noses on an otherwise serious-looking family portrait.  We kept it by the books with our Buvette Pearl Blouse and upcoming dual color sweater, but also let our playful sides have some fun with the Chelsea Wide Leg Pants and Buvette Crop Flare Pearl Pants. 

303 Gallery | Petite Studio Buvette Pearl Blouse, Crop Flare Pearl Pants, Chelsea Wide Leg Pants

303 Gallery - Selected Works by Hans-Peter Feldmann | Petite Studio

The Sun at 4pm by Ugo Rondinone.  Galdstone Gallery

This fun work reportedly took artist Ugo Rondinone decades to compose and involves a thoughtful examination of the link between the natural world and the human condition.  Natural stones are splashed with bright colors, leaving the viewer with the feeling that they are somewhere between their imagination and real life.  Simple black and white Chelsea Wide Leg Pants and Moma Asymmetric Sweater add contrast to the art. 

 Galdstone Gallery | Petite Studio Chelsea Wide Leg Pants and Moma Asymmetric Sweater

Galdstone Gallery | Petite Studio Chelsea Wide Leg Pants and Moma Asymmetric Sweater

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