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When it comes to the general rules for styling a petite frame, certain staple pieces come to mind: high waisted pants, mini dresses and form fitting silhouettes. It’s all about “Make Your Legs Look Longer” or “Look Taller With These Tips”. Outfits can become quite redundant and frankly, we’d rather embrace our shorter frame rather than always trying to effortlessly appear taller. Let’s be honest, most of us girls are done growing around 14 and we aren’t going to magically grow a few inches.
So, let's be real with ourselves and instead celebrate our cute stature. Let these favorite Petite Studio fashion bloggers give you all the reason and inspo to break those style rules and to just wear whatever the heck ya want!

Kristen Lam from Kristenglam

Kristen has already been a Petite Studio favorite for a while now. In fact, we met up with her on a Sunday morning and talked about her favorite East Village Spots in NYC. Kristen does an amazing job of mixing our pieces with other clothes that most people wouldn't. Example: Kristin in our Celina Dress in an oversized white denim jacket and white sneakers.
The juxtaposition of her outfits are what makes her so refreshing to follow. We’re a fan of how she isn’t afraid to wear over-sized clothing. She makes loose fitting clothes on a petite frame look intentional and incredibly cool.
bloggers we're loving-petite studio nyc
bloggers we're loving-petite studio nyc

Chandler Nehrt from Candidly Chan

If you have yet to check out Candidly Chan’s Instagram feed, then you are seriously missing out on some serious feed envy. Not only does her perfectly gray toned themed photos make us want to scroll all day through her account, but we love her sporty yet put together style.
Chandler does a great job of pairing a smart piece—our Gramercy Striped Blazer—with knee ripped black skinny jeans and a pair of classic Superstar Adidas. We love that she shows how our blazer can be toned down with more casual pieces and how it can jazz up any simple outfit.
bloggers we're loving-petite studio nyc
Blogger's We're Loving-Petite Studio

Jane Song from FitFabFunMom

FitFabFunMom does the best job at displaying that big textures on a small frame can look just as fashion-forward as someone who is 5’10. Some might be intimidated by her choice of silhouettes, but that’s why we admire Jane here at Petite Studio because she really goes for it.
Most would probably pair that ruffled sleeved, gingham top with a pair of low key pants to balance out the extra fabric. Not Jane. Instead, she chooses to put it with our Pearl Pants which also has some added fabric on the bottom for the flared look. We can always dig a girl who is always willing to break style rules.
Blogger's We're Loving-Petite Studio
Blogger's We're Loving-Petite Studio

Gabriela from Gabrielapelletier

 Minimalistic, French-girl style is always a fashion lover favorite. It’s clean, simple yet stylish. It makes it easy to cop an outfit you see and makes fashion bloggers feel more relatable if you aren't used to wearing some of the maximalist pieces like FitFabFunMom. That’s exactly what the Assistant Buyer from Lisa Says Gah, Gabriela Pelletier embodies.

Sometimes the dress is all you need and other accessories can be too much or overpowering. The Alysia Dress might shy away petite girls due to its midi length, but Gabriela proves otherwise by skipping the jewelry and letting this slinky, gold dress do all the talking.

Bloggers We're Loving-Petite Studio

Bloggers We're Loving-Petite Studio

 Kelly from Alterations Needed

We’ve mentioned Alterations Needed in our guide to petite bloggers and it’s no surprise that we’re shouting her out again because we can’t get enough of her sharp menswear style. She is the ultimate fashion guide for petite women. Her blog his highly comprehensive on how things fit and she even does posts for sales coupons.

We love how Kelly made our Dover Velvet Blazer match her own style. The blazer could easily seem too dressy with its luxe, navy blue velvet texture, but she uses it to play up a plain gray tee and some blue jeans making an otherwise plain outfit have more interest. This outfit is a perfect example of the blazer’s versatility.

Bloggers We're Loving-Petite Studio

Bloggers We're Loving-Petite Studio 

Apart of the Petite Studio ethos is to empower and bring together a community of petite women.We hope to inspire every woman of every shape to feel beautiful and to embrace what their mamas gave them!

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