Petite girls know all too well the challenges of finding stylish yet properly fitting clothes. We often end up drowning in oversized fits and rolling our pants a few too many times. Fortunately, there are a slew of fashion bloggers—all 5’4 and under—who give us all the outfit inspiration and styling tricks we need to remind us that being short is equally as chic.

We’ve assembled a guide of our favorite leading ladies in the petite fashion world to give you better insight into each blogger’s take on styling for shorter frames.

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Height: 5'1

Style icon Alyssa Coscarelli has been with Petite Studio since 2015 and describes her personal style as vintage-inspired and trendy. Alyssa loves discovering new, small designers and sharing her authentic self on her blog and Instagram. For petites looking to mix vintage aesthetics and effortless trendy chic, Alyssa directly links her favorite pieces from up and coming designers on her blog posts for you to shop her looks!

@alyssainthecity instagram petite blogger

Height: 5'0

Hang Nguyen is a must-follow for trendy fashion fits. This Jersey City and NYC based fashion blogger is often seen sporting streetwear style clothes and loves pairing a little top with baggy pants. Her blog site offers seasonal style forecasts and brand spotlights. Hang is an ambassador for H&M and ASOS, two highly affordable brands for petite girls on a budget.

@hangtw petite fashion blogger

Kelly of Alterations Needed

Height: 4’11

If you are small and into menswear, Alterations Needed will become your ultimate guide. Kelly’s difficulty in finding clothes that fit properly led her to helping other fellow petites through her styling tips. She makes the case for tailoring (hence the name) and how properly fitting clothes can make all the difference. If you click the “Petite Fashion” tab on her site, you will find guides on tailors, tailor pricing, her measurements and even her own list of bloggers dedicated to the same audience. She is THE encyclopedia on all things petite. Bonus: She makes a weekly post on weekend sales and deals. We all love a good markdown!  

kelly alternations needed blogger


Jean of Extra Petite

IG: @jeanwang
Height: 5’0

Jean from Extra Petite leads a double life in Boston as a chartered financial analyst and style blogger. The blog began with her journey and experiences of shaping a wardrobe that properly fits her smaller stature. She aims to make women feel confident no matter their height or size by providing suggestions on how to flatter a figure. Her feminine flare to work wear is something any young, female professional can turn to for inspiration.

A Comprehensive Guide to Petite Bloggers-petite studio-Extra Petite

Kate Ogata of Fancy Pants Report

Height: 5’2

Meet Kate Ogata. A lover of good company, weekends and Kanye West. The San Francisco blogger has a minimalist style and includes a section of where to shop her looks at the end of each post. To top it off, her favorite brands (Madewell, ASOS and Everlane) are all fairly affordable, which makes it easier for her followers to cop her looks. Thanks Kate!


@kateogata instagram petite blogger

Jessi Frederick of Stylish Gambino

IG: @jessifrederick

Jessi Frederick is the Brooklynite behind the refreshing Stylish Gambino. At its first glimpse, her website doesn’t scream “fashion blogger”. The images scrolling through seem like more of a photography portfolio than a style blog, but that is what is so invigorating about her approach. Her style is equally as laid back as her method to blogging, which is believably why her site specifically reads, “I am not a blogger. I just post a lot.”

A Comprehensive Guide to Petite Bloggers-petite studio- Stylish Gambino

Reese Blutstein of Double3xposure

Height: 5’2

An advocate for smaller brands and vintage clothing, 20-year-old college student from Atlanta has a cool-girl sense of style, but somehow manages to remain effortless while doing it. She is known for utilizing the clothes that already make up her wardrobe through the use of her innate creativity to put together new outfits. Reese believes that style has nothing to do with the amount of money you spend, but rather your inventiveness in using what’s accessible to you.

A Comprehensive Guide to Petite Bloggers-petite studio-Double3xposure

Aimee Song of Song of Style

IG: @songofstyle

An interior designer by day and style blogging queen by night, Aimee Song has built quite the following and name for herself. Aimee has written her own book (Capture Your Style), is listed on Forbes 30 under 30, featured in several articles and has her own socially conscious clothing line. If you haven't heard of the Song of Style creator, you have been missing out on some major fashion and #girlboss inspiration.

A Comprehensive Guide to Petite Bloggers-petite studio-Song of Style

Sheryl Luke of Walk in Wonderland

Height: 5’2

Inspired by her dream of wanting a closet so big that she would feel as if she was “Alice wandering in Wonderland”, Sheryl began her style diary back in 2010. She has a tendency of adding a funky statement piece to a casual outfit with heels all while remaining polished and put together. However, Sheryl’s look is ever evolving as she likes to “live in the moment, which is reflected in [her] style.”

@walkinwonderland instagram petite blogger

Hola ! Fiona

Height: 5’0

From casual to cocktail outfits, Fiona's wardrobe has a diverse amount of styles and colors to pull inspo from. Seen on her Instagram in flattering stripe fits, colorful dresses, and athleisure-- Fiona loves to travel and has many fun vlogs and fashion lookbooks on her YouTube channel.

@holafiona instagram nyc petite blogger


Sarah Mikaela of Framboise Fashion

IG: @srhmikaela

This Australian/Danish blogger currently lives in London where she collaborates with Liberty London, LO’Real and Hunter while keeping up with her blog. You can usually catch Sarah in a pair of pants and making a pair of jeans look dressed up. Whether or not you’re into fashion, her keen eye for photography makes her Instagram incredibly pleasing to scroll through.

A Comprehensive Guide to Petite Bloggers-petite studio-Framboise Fashion

Olivia Lopez of Lust for Life

IG: @olivavlopez

L.A.-based blogger, writer and creative consultant began Lust for Life as a teenager and not only inspires us to be effortless in our style, but gives us serious travel envy. Her large social following are given glimpses into her dreamy, coveted life of travel and style. She has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Refinery 29 and Elle just to name a few.

A Comprehensive Guide to Petite Bloggers-petite studio-Lust for Life

Suggy Li of Suggyl

Height: 5’

The image of urban chic, Suggy is an NYC-based fashion blogger and a lover of pairing neutral colors with an accent of color. We highly recommend following Suggy for outfit inspiration if you're a petite girl who loves classic cuts like trenchcoats, flowy dresses, and blazer jackets. Her YouTube channel contains fun vlogs and chic style lookbooks.

@suggyl instagram petite fashion blogger

Crystalin Da Silva of Crystalin Marie

Height: 5’0

Crystalin first started her blog as a creative outlet for her transition to San Francisco and becoming a wife and mom. While her style is never at a standstill, you’ll always find classic, versatile pieces in her wardrobe. She hopes to encourage women to make smart financial decisions and to invest in classic pieces. I think we can all get down with saving more money!

A Comprehensive Guide to Petite Bloggers-petite studio-Crystalin Marie

Hallie Swanson of Hallie Daily

IG: @halliedaily

Hallie Swanson is behind the bilingual (English and Chinese) fashion blog that was voted 20 most stylish women in the world in the Vanity Fair International Best-Dressed List. She has a high fashion sense and makes oversized sleeves look as if it was made for her petite frame. Not only does she blog, but she balances being a mom to her toddler son and being a wife.

@halliedaily instagram petite fashion blogger