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PS Short Story- Sophia Li - Petite Studio
 Petite Studio Kalina Top - Polka Dot
Petite Studio Kalina Top - Polka Dot
 Petite Studio Lily Skirt

Above: Sophia Li, wearing the Kalina Top - Polka Dot & the Lily Skirt - Ivory

"I wore my Linnea dress in the Hamptons, and Miranda Kerr called it the 'perfect summer dress'. "

A scroll through her instagram page and it’s hard not to ask, who is she, how does she know them, and how can I be her best friend? Sophia Li is the epitome of unique. Having grown up in 2 countries and 4 different states, it’s difficult not to be captivated by her refreshing style and upbeat spirit. After 4 years at Vogue as the Entertainment Media Editor, Sophia decided to branch out on her own as a journalist and director in the fashion and media industries. Her day to day can include anything; from directing mega video shoots to one on ones with celebrities/supermodels, she’s hard to keep up with and we absolutely love it. Oh, and did we mention she’s Petite?

Above: Sophia Li, wearing the Linnea Dress


Her circle doesn’t run small, remember that infamous bathroom selfie from the Met Gala? Yeah, Sophia has a lot of connections in her industry. We asked Li what it’s like being Petite in her world, and she mentioned the struggle of having to overcompensate for her size. “I used to have to go backstage every season to report for Vogue’s social channels during NY, Milan, and Paris fashion week. Backstage during fashion month is a human zoo and everyone fights for their place. There have been times when I’ve been penned up in photographer’s pit with all men and would get the ‘shot’ by shooting from the ground or snaking my way through. Thank God I have a loud voice.” Yeah.. #Petiteproblems


PS: What’s a SMALL piece of advice that has had a BIG impact on you? 

Sophia: "All things in moderation... including moderation. -Oscar Wilde"  Meaning sometimes you have to break the status quo and just live your life.

PS: Is there a personal quality you wish you had a TINY bit more of?

Sophia: Patience! I am learning to be patient with the universe, understanding that timing can be everything.

PS: What’s the dream piece of clothing that you’ve never been able to find in your SIZE?

Sophia: Outerwear for sure… I am an outerwear aficionado but the sleeves always run too long. Such as the Acne shearling Velocite jacket… the sleeves are so stiff and long, I had to return it :(

PS: What’s your PETITE style hack?

When shopping online for pants, I search for “cropped pants” as they will hit perfectly right above the ankle. Also, a cinched waist always elongates the legs. 

PS:  Please choose your favorite pieces in our 2018 Summer Collection

Sophia: The Kalina top! So romantic yet sexy… I wear it with jeans, skirts, jorts— you name it. 

The Linnea Dress: my ultimate effortless summer look. Miranda Kerr called it the perfect summer dress when we were in the Hamptons. The Bailey Jumpsuit: I wore this on my birthday last weekend so definitely have an emotional attachment to it. But also because I was able to dance, play limbo, and ride a jet ski all in this one get-up and it was so comfortable for every scenario.

PS: Can you do a LITTLE sketch of yourself, in your favorite outfit?

Sophia Li Self Portrait
Petite Studio Kalina Top - Polka Dot
Petite Studio Bailey Jumpsuit
Petite Studio Linnea Dress