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 Petite Studio Fuschia Pants
 Petite Studio Fuschia Pants
 Petite Studio Fuschia Pants

Above: Meng Mao, wearing the Fuschia Pants - Dusty Blue

" I love the Fuschia Pants, the combination of high waist and pant length is tailored for petites"

With Meng Mao’s artisan photos, casual looks and natural French style, it’s hard not to immediately notice her distinct style in everything she does. She has found a way to integrate the romance of Paris into her personal style, which contributes to her casual chic persona and is mirrored in her social media presence. Currently working as a fashion stylist, Mengmeng loves the creativity and control that being a stylist provides and is always searching for new inspirations.

Above: Meng Mao, wearing the Mariana Top

When asked how we could borrow some of Mengmeng’s French style, she mentioned that the beauty of French women is all about attitude. They are casual, and their unmistakable appeal and elegance come from the way they hold themselves. She feels that to “go with the flow” is the best characteristic of the French. Even when faced with dissatisfaction, they will still have the serenity to accept it, only (of course) with a sigh - “C’est la vie” (this is life).

Above: Meng Mao, wearing the Bailey Jumpsuit


Petite Studio: What’s a SMALL piece of advice that has had a BIG impact on you? 
Mao: Don't be too persistent and entangled in the details, and you must learn to let go at the right time.

PS: Is there a personal quality you wish you had a TINY bit more of?
Mao: I hope I can be stronger and learn to say No.

PS: What’s the dream piece of clothing that you’ve never been able to find in your SIZE?
Mao: Suit pants! As a petite Asian girl, it is always hard for me to find versatile suit trousers with a good texture and the best fit.

PS: What’s your PETITE style hack?

Mao: You can effortlessly create a comfy and stylish look by jeans and T-shirt(laughs).

PS: Please choose your favorite pieces in our 2018 Summer Collection

Mao: I love the dusty blue Fuschia Pants for its smooth and soft fabric. Also, the Bailey jumpsuit is great for street style, which I love in the summer. 

PS: Can you do a LITTLE sketch of yourself, in your favorite outfit?

Petite Studio Mariana Top
Petite Studio Fuschia Pants
Petite Studio Bailey Jumpsuit