Above: Mirella, in her own photographs, wearing the midnight Stella Top

“The silk wrap around blouse is my favorite. It creates such a beautiful silhouette.”

During her Sophomore year at NYU, a friend persuaded Mirella Cardoso to go to a music video audition for the Charlie Puth/Selena Gomez’s song We Don’t Talk Anymore. Mirella thought it would be fun to try out, but never expected to land a part, let alone end up as the video’s female lead. “There was a scene where I was supposed to be upset that the relationship had ended,” Mirella says of the filming, “I asked the director if he wanted me to cry. He said, ‘Can you?!’” She could, and she did. See her shed a tear at the 2:17 mark in the video which has been viewed on YouTube more than 1.6 billion (with a B) times.

Since then, exciting opportunities just keep popping up for the Brazilian American film student. Her paintings and photographs (mostly self portraits) have caught the attention of major marketing companies, and she recently worked on an advertising project with Vogue and Chanel - not bad for the Florida native who turns 22 this month. Yet Mirella stays grounded through it all. When a photographer recently asked her, “Who cuts your hair, it’s magical,” she smiled and said, “my grandma.”

Above: Mirella and her her art, as seen on Instagram


Petite Studio: What’s a SMALL piece of advice that has had a BIG impact on you?

Mirella: Think critically. There can be more than one answer.

PS: Is there a personal quality you wish you had a TINY bitmore of?

M: I’m actively trying to allocate more of my time to seeing close friends. I’m thankful for the wonderful relationships I have.

PS: What’s the dream piece of clothing that you’ve never been able to find in your SIZE?

M: The perfect high waisted flared jean.

PS: What’s your PETITE style hack?

M: I often thrift blouses that are long enough to be dresses. Think 60s mod with some tights underneath.

PS: Can you do a little sketch of yourself, in your favorite outfit?

Olivia Jacket

Stella Top

Valeria Top