PS Short Story- Kat Dey - Petite Studio
Millie Pants white - Petite Studio
Millie Pants white - Petite Studio
Millie Pants white - Petite Studio

Above: Kat, in photographs by David Luo, wearing the Millie Pants -White

“The 70s inspired wide cut and clean lines of Millie Pants make me fell absolutely fabulous, like I'm secretly doing a little disco dance, while still felling and acting like a total boss."

In her former career as a strategy consultant, Kat Dey traveled the world, coming home with story after story… about the food she ate. But when she couldn’t find the ingredients she needed to make all the unique dishes that she was telling her friends and family about, she says she “decided to start a subscription service that brought these foreign delicacies directly to people’s doors.” Five years later, almost 200k people have received Try The World  gourmet boxes full of items like pistachio cream spread from Italy (her personal addiction), and caramel candy from Japan. 

Conquering the world is certainly the goal for this Russian-born, self-described “serial entrepreneur.” With each project she takes on, she says she’s trying to find solutions to problems that she’s personally affected by. Case in point, her next project is launching a jewelry line called Poppy Angeloff with her sister, who is three inches taller. “All the women in my family are petite, so the catalyst behind our jewelry company is that we couldn’t find intricate jewelry to flatter our small hands,” Kat says. “And I can’t wait for people to watch this fairytale unfold.” 

PS Short Story- Kat Dey - Petite Studio
PS Short Story- Kat Dey - Petite Studio
PS Short Story- Kat Dey - Petite Studio

Above, Delicacies from Try the World, as seen on Instagram


Petite Studio: What’s a SMALL piece of advice that has had a BIG impact on you? 

Kat: Give yourself permission to be yourself and to pursue your own passion! We often deny ourselves the opportunity to pursue our dreams because we are afraid of what others will think, but it is really only ourselves holding us back. Us small girls need to think big!

PS: Is there a personal quality you wish you had a TINY bit more of?

K: Acting! I wish I had a better poker face.

PS: What’s the dream piece of clothing that you’ve never been able to find in your SIZE?

K: A nice leather bomber jacket. 

PS: What’s your PETITE style hack?
Make sure everything fits you perfectly! Use a tailor, if it doesn’t. Go for vintage - people used to be smaller! When choosing jewelry and accessories, look for smaller stones and delicate designs. 

PS: Can you do a LITTLE sketch of yourself, in your favorite outfit?

Luna Dress - Petite Studio


Millie Pants- white - Petite Studio


Madeline Top - ivory- Petite Studio